libdrmconf  0.10.4
A library to program DMR radios.
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RadioLimitContext Class Reference

Collects the issues found during verification. More...

#include <radiolimits.hh>

Public Member Functions

 RadioLimitContext (bool ignoreFrequencyLimits=false)
 Empty constructor.
RadioLimitIssuenewMessage (RadioLimitIssue::Severity severity=RadioLimitIssue::Hint)
 Constructs a new message and puts it into the list of issues.
int count () const
 Returns the number of issues.
const RadioLimitIssuemessage (int n) const
 Returns the n-th issue.
void push (const QString &element)
 Push a property name/element index onto the stack. More...
void pop ()
 Pops the top-most property name/element index from the stack.
bool ignoreFrequencyLimits () const
 If true, frequency limit voilations are warnings.
void enableIgnoreFrequencyLimits (bool enable=true)
 Enables/disables that frequency range voilations are handled as warnings.
RadioLimitIssue::Severity maxSeverity () const
 Returns the highest severity of the messages.

Protected Attributes

QStringList _stack
 The current item stack.
QList< RadioLimitIssue_messages
 The list of issues found.
bool _ignoreFrequencyLimits
 If true, any frequency range voilation is a warning.
RadioLimitIssue::Severity _maxSeverity
 Holds the highest severity of all messages.

Detailed Description

Collects the issues found during verification.

This class also tracks where the issues arise.

Member Function Documentation

◆ push()

void RadioLimitContext::push ( const QString &  element)

Push a property name/element index onto the stack.

This method is used to track the origin of an issue.

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