LibDMRConf  0.6.0
A library to program DMR radios.
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D878UVCodeplug::general_settings_base_t Struct Reference

Represents the general config of the radio within the binary codeplug. More...

#include <d878uv_codeplug.hh>

Public Types

 Possible power-on display settings. More...

Public Member Functions

 general_settings_base_t ()
 Constructs an empty general settings.
void clear ()
 Clears the general setting.
QString getIntroLine1 () const
 Returns the first intro-line.
void setIntroLine1 (const QString line)
 Sets the first intro-line.
QString getIntroLine2 () const
 Returns the second intro-line.
void setIntroLine2 (const QString line)
 Sets the second intro-line.
uint getMicGain () const
 Decodes the microphone gain.
void setMicGain (uint gain)
 Encodes the microphone gain.
void fromConfig (const Config *config)
 Updates the general settings from the given abstract configuration.
void updateConfig (Config *config)
 Updates the abstract configuration from this general settings.

Public Attributes

uint8_t keytone
 Enable key tones, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0001 [5]
 Unknown settings, default= 00 00 00 00 04 00.
uint8_t power_on
 Power-on display, see PowerOnDisplay, default=PWRON_DEFAULT.
uint8_t pwron_passwd
 Boot password enabled, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0008 [7]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t mic_gain
 Microphone gain value in [0,4], default 2.
uint8_t _unknown0010 [16]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t _unknown0020 [2]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t autorep_uhf2_off
 Auto repeater offset UHF2 index, 0-based, disabled=0xff.
uint8_t autorep_vhf2_off
 Auto repeater offset VHF2 index, 0-based, disabled=0xff.
uint8_t _unknown0023 [4]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t gps_enable
 Enable GPS, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown002a [6]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t call_alert
 Enable call tone, default=1, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t gps_timezone
 GPS time zone, GMT-12=0x00, GMT=0x0c, GMT+1=0x0d, GMT+13=0x19.
uint8_t talk_permit_tone
 Enable talk permit, Off=0x00, Digi=0x01, Analog=0x02, Both=0x03.
uint8_t call_idle_tone
 Enable digi-call idle tone, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0033
 Unknown settings, default=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0034
 Unknown settings, default=0x00.
uint8_t _unknown0035
 Unknown settings, default=0x00.
uint8_t ch_idle_tone
 Enable channel idle tone, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0037
 Unknown settings, default=0x01;.
uint8_t startup_tone
 Enable Startup tone, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0039
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t _unknown003a
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t max_sp_volume
 Maximum speaker volume, value in [1,8], default 5.
uint8_t _unknown003c
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t _unknown003d
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t _unknown003e
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t gps_sms_enable
 Enable GPS SMS reporting, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0040 [8]
 Unknown settings block;.
uint8_t autorep_vfo_a
 Auto repeater offset direction VFO A, Off=0x00, positive=0x01, negative=0x02, default=off.
uint8_t _unknown0049 [7]
 Unknown settings block;.
uint8_t _unknown0050
 Unknown setting.
uint8_t _unknown0051
 Unknown setting.
uint8_t max_hp_volume
 Maximum headphone volume, value in [1,8], default 5.
uint8_t gps_message_enable
 Enable GPS text message, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0054 [3]
 Unknown settings block;.
uint8_t enh_mic_sound
 Enhanced mic sound quality, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown0058 [8]
 Unknown settings block;.
uint8_t _unknown0060 [8]
 Unknown settings block;.
uint8_t autorep_uhf1_off
 Auto repeater offset UHF1 index, 0-based, disabled=0xff.
uint8_t autorep_vhf1_off
 Auto repeater offset VHF1 index, 0-based, disabled=0xff.
uint8_t _unknown0069 [6]
 Unknown settings block;.
uint8_t _unknown0070 [64]
 Unknown settings block;.
uint8_t _unknown00b0 [5]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t gps_sms_interval
 GPS ranging SMS interval in seconds [5,255], default=5.
uint8_t _unknown00b6 [4]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t roam_period
 Auto roaming period in minutes -1, 1min=0x00, 2m=0x01, 256min=0xff, default=1min.
uint8_t key_tone_adj
 Key tone adjust, fixed 0x01-0x0f, or 0x00=variable.
uint8_t _unknown00bc
 Unknown settings.
uint8_t gps_unit
 GPS units Metric=0x00, Imperial=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown00be
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t roam_wait
 Auto roaming wait time in seconds 0s=0x00, 1s=0x01, 30s=0x1e, default=0s.
uint8_t _unknown00c0 [4]
 Unknown settings block;.
uint32_t autorep_vhf1_min
 Auto repeater VHF1 minimum frequency, in 10Hz, little endian.
uint32_t autorep_vhf1_max
 Auto repeater VHF1 maximum frequency, in 10Hz, little endian.
uint32_t autorep_uhf1_min
 Auto repeater UHF1 minimum frequency, in 10Hz, little endian.
uint32_t autorep_uhf1_max
 Auto repeater UHF1 maximum frequency, in 10Hz, little endian.
uint8_t autorep_vfo_b
 Auto repeater offset direction VFO B, Off=0x00, positive=0x01, negative=0x02, default=off.
uint8_t _unknown00d5
 Unknown setting.
uint8_t boot_ch
 Enable default channel on boot, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t vfo_a_zone_index
 Index of default zone for VFO A, 0-based, default=0.
uint8_t vfo_b_zone_index
 Index of default zone for VFO B, 0-based, default=0.
uint8_t vfo_a_ch_index
 Default channel index (within selected zone) for VFO A, 0-based, default=0, 0xff=VFO.
uint8_t vfo_b_ch_index
 Default channel index (within selected zone) for VFO B, 0-based, default=0, 0xff=VFO.
uint8_t _unknown00db
 Unknown setting.
uint8_t roam_default_zone
 Roaming default zone index, 0-based.
uint8_t repchk_enable
 Repeater range check enable, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t repchk_interval
 Repeater range check interval in multiple of 5 seconds, 30s=0x05, 35s=0x06, default=30s.
uint8_t repchk_recon
 Number of reconnections 3=0x00, 4=0x01, 5=0x02, default=5.
uint8_t roam_start_cond
 Auto roaming start condition, Periodic=0x00, Out-of-range=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown00e1 [4]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t repchk_notify
 Repeater range check notification Off=0x00, Beep=0x01, Voice=0x02, default=Voice.
uint8_t _unknown00e6
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t roam_enable
 Enable roaming, Off=0x00, On=0x01.
uint8_t _unknown00e8
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t _unknown00e9
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t repchk_num_notify
 Number of repeater out-of-range notifications, 1=0x00, 2=0x01, 3=0x02, 10=0x0b, default=3.
uint8_t _unknown00eb [5]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t _unknown00f0 [16]
 Unknown settings block.
uint8_t _unknown0100 [1280]
 Huge unknown settings block.
uint8_t intro_line1 [16]
 Intro line 1, up to 14 ASCII characters, 0-terminated.
uint8_t intro_line2 [16]
 Intro line 2, up to 14 ASCII characters, 0-terminated.
uint8_t password [16]
 Boot password, up to 8 ASCII digits, 0-terminated.

Detailed Description

Represents the general config of the radio within the binary codeplug.

At 0x02500000, size 0x630.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ PowerOnDisplay

Possible power-on display settings.




Custom text.


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