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Radio IDs

The radioIDs-element specifies a list of radio IDs. Each radio ID is a map that contains a single entry to specify the type. The key of the entry specifies the type name and the value specifies the actual radio ID definition. Currently only the type dmr is supported.

As an example consider this radio ID list, containing only a single ID.

Example 3.2. Radio ID definitions

  - dmr: {id: id1, name: DM3MAT, number: 2621370} 

This DMR radio ID got the identifier id1, name DM3MAT and number 2621370.

DMR Radio IDs (dmr)

The DMR radio ID definition consist of an optional id (necessary to reference that ID later), a name and the DMR ID number.

DMR Radio ID Fields


Specifies the identifier of the radio ID. This identifier can later be used to associate the radio ID to channels. Any unique string is valid.


Specifies the name of the radio ID. This name may also be used as the radio name. Any non-empty string is valid.


Specifies the DMR ID for this radio ID. That is any integer between 0 and 16777215.