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Scan lists

A scan list is list of channels, that are scanned whenever scanning is started on a channel, the scan list is associated with. A single scan list might be associated with several channels. For example, all channels within that scan list.

The list of scan lists has the following form

Scanlist Name            PCh1 PCh2 TxCh Channels
1        "KW"            1    84   Sel  1,84,2,9,11,8,14,4,5,20,21,19,6
2        "DMR Simplex"   84   -    Sel  84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91

The list of scan lists starts with the "Scanlist" keyword and ends with an empty line. The remaining keywords (Name, PCh1, PCh2 & Channels) are ignored but part of the self-documentation of the configuration file format. A scan list is defined with every other line. The first column specifies the unique identifier of the scan list. The second (Name) column specifies the name of the scan list as a string. Any string will do. The third and fourth columns specify the first and second priority channels for the scan list respectively. These priority channels are visited more frequently during the scan. That is, the first priority channel is visited 50% of the time while the second is visited 25% of the time. These channels might also be set to "-" indicating that there is no priority channel. The 5th column specifies the transmit channel during the scan. Possible options are "Last", "Sel" and any valid channel index. The "Sel" keyword implies that the radio will transmit on the selected channel when the scan started. The "Last" keyword implies that the radio will transmit on the channel at which the scan stopped on, while specifying any channel index implies, that the radio will transmit on that channel. Finally the 6th column specifies the comma-separated list of channels that form the scan list.