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Assembling Scan Lists

Scan lists are simple lists of channels that are scanned sequentially, when scanning is enabled in the radio.

You need to associate a scan list with a channel in the analog or digital channel edit dialog. This determines which scan list is used when a scan is started on a particular channel.

Screen-shot of the GPS settings.
Screen shot of the scan lists.

A new scan list can be created by clicking on the Add Scan List button. A scan list can be deleted by selecting the scan list and clicking on the Delete Scan List button. The order of the scan list can be changed by selecting a list an moving it up/down using the up and down button on the right.

Double-clicking on a scan list or clicking the Add Scan List button will open the scan-list edit-dialog. This dialog allows to alter/assemble the scan by adding, removing or reordering the channels in the scan list.