libdrmconf  0.11.0
A library to program DMR radios.
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RadioLimits Class Reference

Represents the limits or the entire codeplug. More...

#include <radiolimits.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 RadioLimits (bool betaWarning, QObject *parent=nullptr)
 Empty constructor.
 RadioLimits (const std::initializer_list< std::pair< QString, RadioLimitElement * > > &list, QObject *parent=nullptr)
 Constructor from initializer list.
virtual bool verifyConfig (const Config *config, RadioLimitContext &context) const
 Verifies the given configuration.
bool hasCallSignDB () const
 Returns true if the radio supports a call-sign DB.
bool callSignDBImplemented () const
 Returns true if the call-sign DB is implemented.
unsigned numCallSignDBEntries () const
 Returns the maximum number of entries in the call-sign DB.
- Public Member Functions inherited from RadioLimitItem
 RadioLimitItem (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 Empty constructor.
 RadioLimitItem (const PropList &list, QObject *parent=nullptr)
 Constructor from initializer list. More...
bool add (const QString &prop, RadioLimitElement *structure)
 Adds a property declaration. More...
virtual bool verify (const ConfigItem *item, const QMetaProperty &prop, RadioLimitContext &context) const
 Verifies the given property of the specified item. More...
virtual bool verifyItem (const ConfigItem *item, RadioLimitContext &context) const
 Verifies the properties of the given item.
- Public Member Functions inherited from RadioLimitElement
virtual ~RadioLimitElement ()

Protected Attributes

bool _betaWarning
 If true, a warning is issued that the radio is still under development and not well tested yet.
bool _hasCallSignDB
 If true, the radio supports a call-sign DB.
bool _callSignDBImplemented
 If true, the call-sign is implemented.
unsigned _numCallSignDBEntries
 Holds the number of possible call-sign DB entries.
- Protected Attributes inherited from RadioLimitItem
QHash< QString, RadioLimitElement * > _elements
 Holds the property <-> limits map.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from RadioLimitElement
typedef std::initializer_list< std::pair< QString, RadioLimitElement * > > PropList
 Initializer lists of ConfigItem properties.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RadioLimitElement
 RadioLimitElement (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 Hidden constructor.

Detailed Description

Represents the limits or the entire codeplug.

Use Radio::limits to obtain an instance.

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