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Encryption extension

This extension allows to configure the commercial encryption features of DMR. Almost all DMR radios implement means for encrypting the traffic. This feature however, is usually illegal when used within a amateur radio context.

Example 5.3. 

    - dmr: 
      id: key1
      name: Example key 1
      key: ABCD
    - aes:
      id: key2
      name: Example key 2
      key: 01234567890123456789012345678901

This extension is a simple list of keys held in the global commercial extension. Each key must either be a DMR (basic) or AES (enhanced) key. The former defines a simple 16bit key while the latter defines a 126bit AES key. To differentiate these key types, each list entry must be a mapping with a single entry. The name specifies the type (i.e., either dmr or aes). The value then specifies the properties of the key.

Common key attributes

As only the key size differs between the different key types, there are common attributes. Specifically, the ID and name of the key.

Common key fields


Specifies the ID of the key. This ID can then be used to reference the key within the commercial digital channel extension. See the section called “Channel extension”.


Specifies the name of the key. This property is usually not encoded in the binary codeplug.

DMR (basic) key attributes

DMR key fields


Specifies the 16bit key as a HEX string. To this end, a 4-char hex string is specified.

AES (enhanced) key attributes

AES key fields


Specifies the 128bit key as a HEX string. To this end, a 32-char hex string is specified.