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Chapter 5. Commercial Codeplug Extensions

This section collects all extensions that configure commercial features present in all radios.

DMR was developed as a digital replacement of the analog trunked radio systems used in commercial context. To this end, there are many features of that are irrelevant or outright forbidden in an amateur radio context. However, some HAM operators use their hand-held radios also for their day job and thus may need to configure some features that are only applicable in a commercial context. To this end, qdmr allows to set some of the commercial features through extensions.


Some commercial features defined within the DMR standard are illegal to use in an amateur radio context. Check your local regulations!

Example 5.1. Example commercial extension defining an encryption key.

    - aes:
      id: key1
      name: Example key 1
      key: 01234567890123456789012345678901

All commercial extensions are held under the commercial key within the codeplug. For now, there is only one extension, the encryption extension listing the encryption keys described below.

Channel extension

This extension allows to specify some channel settings specific for commercial applications of DMR. For now, it only allow for specifying the encryption key for a digital channel.

Example 5.2. 

  - digital:
      id: ch1
      name: Example channel 
      # all the other channel settings
        encryptionKey: KEY_LABEL

The commercial channel extension is a mapping named commercial. It contains the settings for commercial features for that channel.

Channel attributes

For now, there is only one attribute specifying the encryption key associated with the channel.

Channel extension fields


References a encryption key defined within the commercial codeplug extension. See the section called “Encryption extension”.