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qdmr - User Manual

A universal codeplug programming tool for Linux and MacOS X.

This document covers qdmr version 0.9.0.

This document is released under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.

About This Document

This document contains a brief manual for the qdmr graphical user interface (GUI) application to program DMR radios. The aim of this application is to provide a simple to use, platform and vendor independent and well documented code-plug programming software (CPS) for popular DMR radios.

This document is available in several formats:

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Basics: Repeater operations
DMR Introduction & Origin
DMR Simplex Operation
Local Repeater Operation
Private calls
Data services
Textmessages (SMS)
Position reporting to the APRS network
Talk Group Operation
Technical background
Time Slots
Color Codes
Codeplug Assembly
General radio-wide settings.
Creating Contacts
Assemble group lists
Creating channels
Assembling zones
Assembling scan lists
DMR Networks
Reflectors (DMR+)
2. The Graphical User Interface
General configuration
Creating Contacts
Assembling RX Groups
Creating Channels
Edit digital channels
Edit analog channels
Assembling Zones
Assembling Scan Lists
Edit Scan Lists
Setup GPS/APRS Position Reporting
Edit/Create GPS Systems
Edit/Create APRS System
Programming the radio
Application Settings Dialog
Location settings
Radio programming settings
Call-sign DB settings
Commercial feature settings
3. Extensible Codeplug File Format
Radio settings
Radio IDs
DMR Radio IDs (dmr)
DMR Contacts (dmr)
Analog DMTF Contacts (dtmf)
Group lists
Common attributes
Digital channel attributes
Analog channel attributes
Scan lists
Positioning Systems
Common attributes
DMR position reporting system attributes
APRS attributes
Roaming Zones
4. Device specific extensions
OpenGD77 Codeplug Extensions
Channel extension
Radioddity Codeplug Extensions
TyT Codeplug Extensions
Button settings extension
AnyTone Codeplug Extensions
5. Table Based Codeplug Format
Line comments
General configuration
Contact table
RX group list table
Digital channel table
Analog channel table
Zone lists
Scan lists
GPS Systems
APRS Systems
Roaming Zones
6. The dmrconf command line tool
Reading and writing codeplugs
Reading a codeplug
Writing a codeplug
Writing the call-sign DB
Encoding a call-sign DB
Various features of dmrconf
Getting help
Detecting the radio type
Inspecting binary codeplugs
Danger zone
dmrconf — Command-line tool for programming DMR radios.